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Replication in the Long Nineteenth Century

Re-makings and Reproductions
herausgegeben von Julie Codell und Linda K Hughes
Verlag: Edinburgh University Press

Health Psychology

Theory, Research and Practice
von David Marks, Michael Murray und Emee Vida Estacio
Verlag: Sage Publishing

Thinking about child protection practice

Case studies for critical reflection
von Jadwiga Leigh und Jane Laing
Verlag: Policy Press

Demonising the other

The criminalisation of morality
von Philip Whitehead
Verlag: Policy Press

Lucretius I

An Ontology of Motion
von Thomas Nail
Verlag: Edinburgh University Press

Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith

A Philosophical Encounter
von Charles L. Griswold
Verlag: Routledge

Reframing global social policy

Social investment for sustainable and inclusive growth
herausgegeben von Christopher Deeming und Paul Smyth
Verlag: Policy Press

Policy analysis in France

herausgegeben von Charlotte Halpern, Patrick Hassenteufel und Philippe Zittoun
Verlag: Policy Press


The Men Who Stole Africa
von Paul Kenyon
Verlag: Head of Zeus

The Development of Children’s Thinking

Its social and communicative foundations
von Jeremy Carpendale, Charlie Lewis und Ulrich Müller
Verlag: Sage Publishing

Countering extremism in British schools?

The Truth about the Birmingham Trojan Horse Affair
von John Holmwood und Therese O’Toole
Verlag: Policy Press

The New Fundraisers

Who organises charitable giving in contemporary society?
von Beth Breeze
Verlag: Policy Press

The Whistle-blower

The Life of Maurice Papworth
von Joanna Seldon
Verlag: The University of Buckingham Press

The SAGE Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy

4th edition
von Colin Feltham, Terry Hanley und Laura Anne Winter
Verlag: Sage Publishing

Performing Statelessness in Europe

von S.E. Wilmer
Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan

Qualitative Research

3rd edition
von Jennifer Mason
Verlag: Sage Publishing

Did the Millennium Development Goals work?

Meeting future challenges with past lessons
herausgegeben von Hany Besada, Leah McMillan Polonenko und Manmohan Agarwal
Verlag: Policy Press

The political economy of the Irish welfare state

Church, state and capital
von Fred Powell
Verlag: Policy Press

Religion and welfare in Europe

Gendered and minority perspectives
herausgegeben von Lina Molokotos-Liederman mit Anders Bäckström und Grace Davie
Verlag: Policy Press

Challenging the politics of early intervention

Who’s „saving“ children and why
von Val Gillies, Rosalind Edwards und Nicola Horsley
Verlag: Policy Press

Education policy and racial biopolitics in multicultural cities

von Kalervo N. Gulson und P. Taylor Webb
Verlag: Policy Press

Minority women and austerity

Survival and resistance in France and Britain
von Leah Bassel und Akwugo Emejulu
Verlag: Policy Press

Social policy in an era of competition

From global to local perspectives
herausgegeben von Dan Horsfall und John Hudson
Verlag: Policy Press


A Politics of Potential
von Dominic O’Sullivan
Verlag: Policy Press

Irish social policy

A critical introduction
von Fiona Dukelow und Mairéad Considine
Verlag: Policy Press


Brain, behaviour and the digital world
von Lee Harding
Verlag: Sage Publishing

Solitary confinement

Lived experiences and ethical implications
von David Polizzi
Verlag: Policy Press

Understanding housing policy

von Brian Lund
Verlag: Policy Press

Child Development

Understanding A Cultural Perspective
von Martin J. Packer
Verlag: Sage

Valuing interdisciplinary collaborative research

Beyond impact
herausgegeben von Keri Facer und Kate Pahl
Verlag: Policy Press

Demystifying evaluation

Practical approaches for researchers and users
von David Parsons
Verlag: Policy Press

Policy analysis in Belgium

Characteristics, Causes and Practical Issues
herausgegeben von Marleen Brans und David Aubin
Verlag: Policy Press

Localism and neighbourhood planning

Power to the people?
herausgegeben von Sue Brownill und Quintin Bradley
Verlag: Policy Press

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Characteristics, Causes and Practical Issues
von Jill M. Boucher
Verlag: Sage

Social and caring professions in European welfare states

Policies, services and professional practices
herausgegeben von Björn Blom, Lars Evertsson und Marek Perlinski
Verlag: Policy Press

The Afterlives of Georges Perec

herausgegeben von Rowan Wilkens und Justin Clemens
Verlag: Edinburgh University Press

American Imperialism

The Territorial Expansion of the United States, 1783-2013
von Adam Burns
Verlag: Edinburgh University Press

Social Entrepreneurship

A Skills Approach
herausgegeben von Robert Gunn und Chris Durkin
Verlag: Policy Press

Transforming Probation

Social theories and the criminal justice system
von Philip Whitehead
Verlag: Policy Press

The Making of the Modern Chinese State

Cement, Legal Personality and Industry
von Humphrey Ko
Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan

Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf and Worldly Realism

von Pam Morris
Verlag: Edinburgh University Press

The Essentials of Nursing Leadership

von Ruth Taylor und Brian Webster-Henderson
Verlag: Sage

The Duality Code

von WK Choy
verlegt von WK Choy

Housing politics in the United Kingdom

Power, planning and protest
von Brian Lund
Verlag: Policy Press


Lived experiences of online and offline victimisation
von Irene Zempi und Imran Awan
Verlag: Policy Press

Beyond 1968

Anti-Colonial Texts from Central American Student Movements 1929-1983
herausgegeben von Heather Vrana
Verlag: Edinburgh University Press

Metaphysics of Science

A Systematic and Historical Introduction
von Markus Schrenk
Verlag: Routledge

Organisations and Management in Social Work

Everyday Action for Change
von Mark Hughes und Michael Wearing
Verlag: Sage

Moving on from Crime and Substance Use

Transforming Identities
herausgegeben von Anne Robinson und Paula Hamilton
Verlag: Policy Press

Key issues in corrections

von Jeffrey Ian Ross
Verlag: Policy Press

Plastic Sovereignties

Agamben and the Politics of Aesthetics
von Arne De Boever
Verlag: Edinburgh University Press

Enlightened Common Sense

The Philosophy of Critical Realism
von Roy Bhaskar
Verlag: Routledge

Universe and Inner Self in Early Indian and Early Greek Thought

herausgegeben von Richard Seaford
Verlag: Edinburgh University Press

Spinoza’s Dream

On Nature and Meaning
von David Weissman
Verlag: Walter de Gruyter

Social work in a diverse society

Transformative practice with black and minority ethnic individuals and communities
von C. Williams and M.J. Graham
Verlag: Policy Press

Social work with sex offenders

Making a difference
von M. Cowburn und S. Myers
Verlag: Policy Press

Evidence-based practice for nurses and health care professionals

von J. Barker, P. Linsley und R. Kane
Verlag: Sage

Baby Boomers

Time and ageing bodies
von Naomi Woodspring
Verlag: Policy Press

A Philosophy of the Social Construction of Crime

von David Polizzi
Verlag: Policy Press

Assessment and Case Formulation in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

von Sarah Corrie, Michael Townend and Adrian Cockx
Verlag: Sage

Urban environments in Africa

A critical analysis of environmental politics
von Garth Myers
Verlag: Policy Press

Community Development in Action

Putting Freire into Practice
von Margaret Ledwith
Verlag: Policy Press

Father Involvement in the Early Years

An International Comparison of Policy and Practice
herausgegeben von Marina A. Adler und Karl Lenz
Verlag: Policy Press

Global Health

von Brian Nicholson, Judy McKimm und Ann K Allen
Verlag: Sage

Trading Time

Can exchange lead to social change?
von Lee Gregory
Verlag: Policy Press

Vulnerability & Young People

Care and social control in policy and practice
von Kate Brown
Verlag: Policy Press

Disabled people, work and welfare

Is employment really the answer?
herausgegeben von Chris Grover und Linda Piggott
Verlag: Policy Press

Foundations in Adult Nursing

herausgegeben von Helen Kara
Verlag: Sage

Handbuch zur Deutschen Grammatik

Wiederholen und anwenden
von Larry Wells und Jamie Rankin
Verlag: Cengage Learning

Creative research methods in the social sciences

A practical guide
von Helen Kara
Verlag: Policy Press

The political and social construction of poverty

Central and Eastern European countries in transition
von Serena Romano
Verlag: Policy Press

The education debate

von Stephen J. Ball
Verlag: Policy Press

The Essentials of Nursing and Healthcare Research

herausgegeben von Ruth Taylor
Verlag: Sage

Social Work Practice Learning

A student guide
von David Edmondson
Verlag: Sage

Social class in later life.

Power, identity and lifestyle
herausgegeben von Marvina Formosa und Paul Higgs
Verlag: Policy Press

Policy analysis in Germany

herausgegeben von Sonja Blum and Klaus Schubert
Verlag: Policy Press

Diversity in family life

Gender, relationships and social changes
von Elisabetta Ruspini
Verlag: Policy Press

Working with Young People

herausgegeben von Sheila Curran, Roger Harrison und Donald Mackinnon
Verlag: Sage

Mental health service users in research

Critical sociological perspectives
herausgegeben von Patsy Staddon
Verlag: Policy Press

Social Work Practice with Older People

A Positive Person-Centred Approach
von Rory Lynch
Verlag: Sage

The politics of civil society.

Big society and small government
von Fred Powell
Verlag: Policy Press

2013 British Eventing Members’ Handbook

Verlag: British Eventing

Social Work and Domestic Violence

Developing Critical and Reflective Practice
von Lesley Laing und Cathy Humphreys mit Kate Cavanagh
Verlag: Sage

Child protection

Managing conflict, hostility and aggression
von Siobhan E. Laird
Verlag: Policy Press

Caring for older people

A shared approach
von Christine Brown Wilson
Verlag: Sage

Poverty and insecurity

Life in low-pay, no-pay Britain
von Tracy Shildrick, Robert MacDonald, Colin Webster und Kayleigh Garthwaite
Verlag: Policy Press

Jannach’s German for Reading Knowledge

von Richard A. Korb
Verlag: Cengage Learning

Social Work and Social Theory

Making connections
von Paul Michael Garrett
Verlag: Policy Press

Networks, New Governance and Education

von Stephen J. Ball und Carolina Junemann
Verlag: Policy Press

The political economy of work security and flexibility

Italy in comparative perspective
von Fabio Berton, Matteo Richiardi und Stefano Sacchi
Verlag: Policy Press

Trusting on the edge

Managing uncertainty and vulnerability in the midst of serious mental health problems
von Patrick Brown und Michael Calnan
Verlag: Policy Press

Old enough to know.

Consulting children about sex and AIDS education in Africa
von Colleen McLaughlin, Sharlene Swartz, Susan Kiragu, Shelina Walli, Mussa Mohamed
Verlag: HSRC Press

Shaping health policy

Case study methods and analysis
herausgegeben von Mark Exworthy, Stephen Peckham, Martin Powell und Alison Hann
Verlag: Policy Press

Redemption, Rehabilitation and Risk Management

A History of Probation
von George Mair und Lol Burke
Verlag: Routledge

The Manchester United Supporter’s Book

von John White
Verlag: Carlton Books

The Liverpool Football Supporter’s Book

von John White
Verlag: Carlton Books