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A selection of our projects:

Refugee Youth

Migration, Justice and Urban Space
Edited by Mattias De Backer
Publisher: Bristol University Press

The Vattimo Dictionary

Edited by Simonetta Mora
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

Ecological Reparation

Repair, Remediation and Resurgence of Social and Environmental Conflict
Edited by Dimitris Papadopoulos
Publisher: Bristol University Press

The Lean CFO

Architect of the Lean Management Accounting System
By Nicholas S. Katko
Publisher: Taylor and Francis


A Student’s Guide
By Trevor Cotterill
Publisher: Sage Publications
By Greg Ashman
Publisher: Sage Publishing

Representations of Children and Success in Asia

Dream Chasers

Edited by Shih-Wen Sue Chen, Sin Wen Lau
Publisher: Routledge